Day 1

First adventure

_I’ve arrived in the hamlet of Corndale. I arrived by canoe two days hence, stopping here to pay homage and leave my mark at a local shrine in my pilgrimage; I reached the small wayfayer’s shrine with only a little trouble. Now as I sit here, with dusk fast approaching I prepare to meditate, blessing my good fortune in my travels.

After my meditations I will sleep, Desna’s celestial work my only blanket. I was able to forage some dreamvine before leaving the islands. The shaman dried, crushed and extracted the essential oils, giving me a tincture as a gift for my Walkabout. Tonight I celebrate another stage in my journey, under the stars; if the Lady of Luck graces me as she has in the past, I might find more then just a sojourn here in this quaint village._



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