Second day

_Upon waking from my trance I have taken the appropriate time to meditate on the dreams Desna gifted me. I have written the dreams on a scroll and sent them up to the heavens in the ritual fire. The smoke left a tongue of gray on the otherwise serene purple and red dawning of a new day.

After packing my bag, reading my walking spear and donning my chain shirt, I took my leave from the small shrine, leaving my mark on the stone, embossing with chisel and chalk. I entered information from other travelers of my persuasion, detailing anything from who they were, where they’d been and what local sites were of the most importance to these nomadic souls.

The morning was warm, portending of a hot day. The air was clean and crisp, with a slight breeze rolling over the mountains. It was much different then the blistering heat of the islands, the humidity of the jungles and the briney smell of the sea. I took time to take in all the scenes, scents included. I didn’t want to appear in town too late past mid morning as my tattoed visage often has an intimidating and less than charming effect on people, specifically humans. I’d been tormented by tribes of their kind before, and expect that will be something I will never see a difference in, no matter my age or travels.

Nevertheless I entered the small hamlet full of confidence but ready to take my leave if necessary. It seemed I hadn’t worried, for the town was already a bustle with nervous tension. At first I thought it might be because of a violent, barbarous looking human male standing erect and proud while listening to the pleas of what I could only assume to be the headman or mayor of this quaint little village.

I was let thru a small crowd easily. After I stopped a respectful distance waiting for the head man to finish I was able to pick out what I took as a sign from Desna Herself. It seemed the local patron of this village is missing. A slyvan unicorn had been watching over this sleepy hamlet for time immemorial. The large human was agreeing to a contract to attempt to rescue their mascot. I hadn’t noticed, but there, hiding in his shadow was a halfling, clad in robes and nodding along excitedly. Most of kind like to pity the halflings and their constant wanderings but to one such as me, firmly set in the domain of travel, always finds them a good sign of adventure to be had.

After acknowledging me and making his final pleas, the village chief pointed us in the direction of where another three outsiders had decided to pursue the beast. An unspoken agreement passed between us and we all took off together, ready to delve into adventure._

Day 1
First adventure

_I’ve arrived in the hamlet of Corndale. I arrived by canoe two days hence, stopping here to pay homage and leave my mark at a local shrine in my pilgrimage; I reached the small wayfayer’s shrine with only a little trouble. Now as I sit here, with dusk fast approaching I prepare to meditate, blessing my good fortune in my travels.

After my meditations I will sleep, Desna’s celestial work my only blanket. I was able to forage some dreamvine before leaving the islands. The shaman dried, crushed and extracted the essential oils, giving me a tincture as a gift for my Walkabout. Tonight I celebrate another stage in my journey, under the stars; if the Lady of Luck graces me as she has in the past, I might find more then just a sojourn here in this quaint village._

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